Why you should study abroad in Edinburgh Scotland!

Why you should study abroad in Edinburgh Scotland!


Oh thats where the men wear the plaid skirts (kilts) and play the bagpipes, right? Yup! Edinburgh, Scotland! The entire country is about the size of the state South Carolina. A city where the sun hardly shines but is home to some of the happiest people I’ve ever met. Everyone is just so darn happy! The people were so friendly and will always greet you in passing on the streets. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world are in this city and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to both study and play basketball at the University of Edinburgh Napier.

While it is an extremely old and historical city known for medieval castles and cobble roads, Edinburgh has a nightlife like no other. I would go pub hopping down the Royal Mile with friends and laugh at the drunk women stumbling in their heels as they crossed the slick cobblestone streets, or go to some of the dopest underground clubs that stayed open till 4am.

I could always count on having a good time on International Night at Club Silk, a dance club at the bottom of a mountain with views of Edinburgh Castle above. On those nights everyone would come out to represent their country and party all night, dancing and talking with people from all over the world!

After studying and playing basketball in Edinburgh two things became very clear. One, class work and group projects with students from around the world are both amusing and enlightening because I would learn so much! I learned about my group members culture, values, and traditions which helps to gain a better understanding of their perspective on world issues. Two, basketball or sports in general can connect folks from all over the world because that common interest will create friendships that’ll last forever.