2nd Annual I Keep It Global Hip Hop Summit

During the Event

As the youth arrive they will be greeted by SDSU students and taken on a short tour of the campus as they are talked to about furthering their education. Once at the venue they will enter a music expo with professionals/ mentors from different segments of the music industry. Following will be a panel of well known locally respected artist that will discuss important life topics using Hip Hop as the vessel to capture their hearts and minds. The youth will get to ask questions of the artist.

After the panel discussion there will be a positive song creating contest. The youth will be divided into small groups of 3 or 4 and placed with a Hip Hop mentor with the purpose of composing a positive Hip Hop song. The groups will be mixed up with youth from different areas of San Diego and not the friends that they came to the event with. This is a method of teaching them to work with others outside of their circles. They will be given an allotted time to create a song in which they will be judged on by a panel of judges. The contest winners will win $1,000 cash prize, a free professional production of their song, professional music video produced of the song, and an onstage performance at an upcoming community event. There will also be a prize for 2nd and 3rd place.

This event is held the weekend after San Diego Unified School District lets out for Summer vacation. The event will be from 12pm -4pm. There are many different life changing reasons that we are hosting this event. As community activist and mentors in San Diego we have taken note of the strong appeal and influence that Hip Hop music has over the youth in the inner city. As mentors and other leaders in the community we want to use this event to provide the knowledge behind the music to the youth that they are not receiving from the mainstream Hip Hop scene.

The date chosen for this event is a strategically planned date. We want to capture as many young minds that we can right as they are released from school for summer vacation where many of the at risk youth targeted have idle time and become involved in negative activities. The contest that we are having is to further instill community unity and teamwork with people other than their friends.

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